Getting time difference from now

We can use the following javascript code to get the date difference in readable format e.g: Khalil posted a comment on ‘2024-05-10T01:25:14.317Z’ is less readable than Khalil posted a comment 7 hours ago. I have used the library ( to achieve. Sample Code Code link github – Live Application: Live Application URL:

Format dates in VBCS page using functions

You can use oj-input-date or oj-input-date-time components for showing formatted date and use convertor options But when using above component only for read-only purpose to show some values in grid or table, it doesn’t make sense to use input fields. Instead we can use oj-bind-text field and pass data using following JavaScript function. The JavaScript … Read more

How to have different colors on rows based on one field in row in oj-data-grid

On a data grid, we can use a function in the cell.class-name attribute to dynamically pass the class name based on row data. “cellContext” will contain the required information. We can use console.log() to identify the structure. This can be used for other attributes, like “header.column.class-name” as well on oj-data-grid This can be used when … Read more