How to make scroll bar thicker in vbcs table or gird

Based on the default redwood theme the table and grid scoll bar are very thin User can update it by adding the following code in app.css in vbcs application. width will increase the thickness of vertical scroll bar height will increase the thickness of horizontal scroll bar. Screenshot without additional css Screenshot with additional css … Read more

To show loading spinner in VBCS

Users can add the following html code in designer to add a loading spinner in vbcs. On button click they can call component ( #loading-dialog ) and select open method. Now loading dialog is shown, they do some action and after action is completed, they can call component ( #loading-dialog ) and select close method. … Read more

Commonly used Buttons in VBCS

Button is element for user to interact. On button click we can call some rest API or show some message. Link for viewing the buttons code with styles – Here are few buttons which I regularly use Code for button with icon Toolbar buttons Add row, Edit Row, Delete Row buttons ( generally used … Read more