Format number in VBCS page using functions

You can use oj-input-number tag for showing formatted number and use convertor options

But when using above component only for read-only purpose to show some values in grid or table, it doesn’t make sense to use input fields.

Instead we can use oj-bind-text field and pass data using following javascript function.

The JavaScript function will add necessary formatting to the number and return the value as string.

We can use number convertor functions to format the number in required format

Live code preview

JavaScript function

define(["ojs/ojconverter-number"], (numberConverter) => {
  "use strict";

  class PageModule {
    convertNumberToStr(amount) {
      var numberConvertor = new numberConverter.IntlNumberConverter({
        maximumFractionDigits: 2,
        useGrouping: true,
        currency: "USD",
        currencyDisplay: "symbol",
        style: "currency",

      return numberConvertor.format(amount.rate);

  return PageModule;

Config options

Field nameField valueInputOutput
maximumFractionDigits 224599.44249424599.44
useGrouping true 1232459912,324,599
false 1232459912324599
currency USD12324599$12,324,599.00
currencyDisplay symbol12324599USD 12,324,599
code 12324599$12,324,599
name 1232459912,324,599 US Dollar
style percent 0.769576.95%
currency 12324599$12,324,599.38
decimal 12324599.383812324599.38

Commonly used config options

to show currency amount like $12,324,599.38 or €12,324,599.38

  "maximumFractionDigits": 2,
  "useGrouping": true,
  "currency": "USD",
  "currencyDisplay": "symbol",
  "style": "currency",

to show percentage like 60% or 80.4%

  "maximumFractionDigits": 2,
  "useGrouping": false,
  "style": "percent",

to show whole number values

  "maximumFractionDigits": 0,
  "useGrouping": true,
  "style": "decimal"

References –

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